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Kitchen Cabinets Hollywood Park TX

One of the biggest decisions you will make during your kitchen or bath remodel is selecting the cabinets to be used. The kitchen and bath industry speak in terms of cabinet grades, specifically Contractor Grade, Semi-Custom, and Custom cabinets as the three categories that the multitude of brands and cabinet lines each belong to. Deciding which type of cabinet category best suits your needs and budget is a good place to start in your selection process.

Regardless of which category of cabinet is most suited to a project, consumers invariably tell our salespeople that they wish to purchase a “quality’ cabinet. Quality seems to be the first priority in cabinet purchase, regardless of process. The only shortfall in approaching a cabinet purchase this way is that it seems everyone defines the word “quality” a little differently! This makes identifying the best fit a challenge. A better approach is to define a 'quality cabinet' as one that best meets your needs and requirements. That is the context in which we will discuss the categories of cabinets.

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Countertops can be an impressive addition to any space, especially when you invest in ones made from high-quality materials. Your newly-renovated bathroom space can earn a high-end feel with the use of granite or quartz countertops in the new design. At Kitchen Cabinets Hollywood Park, we have a vast selection of granite and quartz countertops in a variety of colors, styles, and patterns. Our range of top-notch products can quickly take your design to the next level, making your space feel like a high-end resort or spa. Let our team help you choose the perfect new countertops for your bathroom.


The sink in your bathroom is likely one of the most-used pieces, supplying water when you wash your hands, brush your teeth, and get ready for the day. Though your sink primarily serves a functional purpose, you also want it to serve an aesthetic one, adding to the beauty of the space. We manufacture top-quality sinks to help you create a brand-new bathroom space and are backed by a network of contractors to provide flawless installation. Find the perfect sink to enhance your bathroom design with the help of our team.

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A common problem in bathrooms is a lack of storage. The right cabinetry will help you maximize every inch of space you have available in your bathroom, giving you plenty of space to store towels, toiletries, and cosmetics. Not to mention, cabinets are also a significant focal point in any bathroom design, which means you’ll want them to be just as appealing visually as they are functional. The cabinets we supply strike a perfect balance between the two, offering you the best of both worlds.


While cabinet handles and hardware may seem like a very inconsequential piece of your bathroom, they can actually dramatically change the appearance and style of your cabinets. Our team will help you customize and style your design with our vast selection of cabinet hardware. We take into consideration your personal style, your functionality requirements, and your budget when helping you plan the perfect bathroom space.

ADA - Accessible Cabinets

Not very long ago, designing a kitchen for clients with disabilities or any physical limitations meant simply lowering the sink two inches and removing the sink base cabinet to allow a wheel chair to pull closer to the sink. That was it! ADA-Accessible kitchen delivered. Thankfully, the cabinet industry has come a long way in the past two decades. Now, Carefree Kitchens is able to furnish kitchen cabinets and accessories in a design custom tailored to the needs of any individual, and can do so using cabinets in a broad price range.

The first question to address in the design process is to determine if the kitchen will be actively used by someone in a wheelchair. If so, the cabinet’s toe-kicks can be increased in height to accommodate the chair’s foot rests, allowing more effective use of the counters and avoiding the damage that footrests can inflict on cabinetry.

Next to determine is at what height the counters should be. Will there be multiple users requiring counters of different heights? How should the interiors of the cabinets be equipped? Accessories can play a large part in making the kitchen a more efficient place to prepare meals in. Strategic use of roll out shelves, pot and pan holders, full depth shelving, and dividers can go a long way to making food preparation and entertaining an enjoyable experience.

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