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Kitchen Cabinets Leon Springs TX

At Kitchen Cabinets Leon Springs, we don’t rely on flashy sales or limited time offers on questionable cabinets. We can see right through that stuff, and we think that you can, too. Instead, we simply provide a great product at a good price. We never charge for our designs or estimates, and we proudly stand behind our manufacturers and installers. Even if you aren’t sure you’re ready for new cabinets, we are happy to help you navigate all of the available choices and options.

Kitchen Cabinets Leon Springs is more than just a cabinet store, we’re a family of professionals who work together to provide our customers with an experience like no other. When you’re ready, we’re here to talk. Our staff of designers and cabinet specialists can help you find exactly what you need. Come visit us today and see how good it can feel to trust a locally-owned and operated company to give you the right cabinets at the right price.

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Our cabinets are available in over 270 different style options. Explore best-selling white cabinet collections, our traditional shaker styles, and everything in between, we guarantee you'll not only be dazzled by our variety and selection, but by our jaw dropping deals—and that’s only the beginning! All of our cabinets come equipped with premium features like solid birch hardwood frames, water resistant veneer, sturdy dovetail joints, soft-close drawers, and an easy, clean finish. Browse our selection of custom-stock shaker, raised panel, and modern cabinets, which will be ready to go for either for either you or one of our friendly professionals to install only ten days after ordering. Or, design your own custom cabinet set with our made-to-order custom-built cabinets, which ship pre-assembled right to your doorstep. Whatever your style preference, make sure to take advantage of our free 3D kitchen design. Don’t miss the chance to get premium, real wood kitchen and bathroom cabinets at a price other stores can only dream of beating.


We’ve been a premier supplier of bath and kitchen cabinets across the United States for years, and now we’re proud to offer flooring that’s not just for your kitchen, but your entire home! Our Talon Hardwood home flooring is made with real wood and engineered for your family, friends and anyone else who shows up in your home! With zero formaldehyde and incredible scratch resistance, ask one of our store representatives about the costs of installing the most durable flooring you’ll find. Concerned about mixing hardwood floor with young children? Ask about our XRP waterproof flooring that’s been built to withstand spills, mud, snow and any other liquid you can throw at it! Enjoy the beauty of a hardwood floor without the worry of keeping safe from liquid and other elements.

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Gorgeous, durable and easy to maintain, countertops from Northstar are now available exclusively in-store at Cabinets to Go! Shop for quartz, granite, acrylic and even butcher block countertops when you visit the local Cabinets To Go today! No kitchen is complete with cabinets and flooring alone. Add non-porous and heat resistant countertop options today and complete the kitchen of your dreams from start to finish with a single store and design consultation. Most countertops come with a limited lifetime warranty to help offer a peace of mind that can't be matched. Our team is excited to help you renovate and style the home you’ve always dreamt of, so explore our stunning selection of affordable countertops today.


Countertops are among the most important consideration when remodeling your kitchen. Of course, what is a kitchen without plenty of functional counter space? Here’s where you’ll prepare family dinners, midnight snacks, and packed lunches. Choosing the perfect countertop for your space means you’ll be able to select from premier materials and beautiful designs. You might opt for granite countertops known for their durability or quartz countertops celebrated for their function.


Once you’ve picked your ideal countertops, start thinking about what kind of kitchen cabinets would look best in your space. Your design opportunities are nearly endless when you look to Kitchen Cabinets Leon Springs for help. Our clients choose from a plethora of colors, finishes, shapes, and sizes designed to fit into any kitchen. Besides aesthetics, there’s plenty you’ll want to take into account as you make this decision. Consider how many food items, pots, pans, and other cooking utensils you’ll need to store, and if you mind them being visible to your guests. Whether you want white kitchen cabinets with stylish windows or wooden cabinets for a farmhouse feel, Kitchen Cabinets Leon Springs is the place to go.

Your kitchen isn’t complete without a sink! Many homeowners believe choosing a sink will be an easy choice, often thinking one size fits all. However, you actually have a wide variety of options when it comes to choosing the ideal sink for your kitchen. Your kitchen remodel may feel complete with a traditional, stainless steel unit. Other homeowners might opt for something more state-of-the-art, such as double sinks with a one-year warranty.

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